Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department:

Prepare your child with special needs for vocational, school and community towards inclusion.

At At-Tamimi International School, we catered children with:-

  • Autism, including Asperger Syndrome

  • Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADHD/ADD)

  • Specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia

  • Medical needs such as Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy

  • Mobility difficulties

  • Global Development Delay (GDD)


At-Tamimi’s SEN Department is led by the SEN Coordinator who works together with the SEN Facilitator, IB Programme Coordinators and reports to the Principal of the school.


The main responsibilities include:

  1. Collaborating with colleagues and administrative staff members to oversee the day-to-day

  2. implementation of the school’s SEN and Inclusion Policy

  3. Communicating with parents of children with special educational needs

  4. Coordinating and supporting the SEN facilitators to address the needs of targeted individuals requiring support

  5. Collaborating with chosen vocational learning outfield work (such as hotels, etc.)

Vocational Learning:

This would be an extra advantage that At-Tamimi might plan in the coming future. Vocational Learning is where the child will be taught to learn specific recommended skills and knowledge of outfield work. For example, waiter or waitress in hotel line


The child will be given the knowledge of what is the job about and requirement. Once they have understood, they will be conducting a role play. This is where confidence and interest is built in them. After a given period of time, At-Tamimi will liaise with a hotel management to allow the child to be exposed there. If the child shows positive performances, the school and the hotel could come out with a collaboration agreement. This could be applied in restaurants, HR management or in Shopping Malls (cashier or sales).


The child or the parents could choose, based on the child’s interest. The SEN Department would help to come out with a plan, structured for the child and the school.

School Inclusive:

At At-Tamimi International School, children are mixed by varieties of background. The teachers are exposed to this positively. The teachers and SEN Department work closely together.


Below are based on At-Tamimi’s SEN policies;

At-Tamimi International School also values objectives as stated by the Special Education Division within the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, with a goal to:

  • Provide educational opportunities and facilities for students with special educational needs within the school’s capacity

  • Provide relevant education to every student with special educational needs within the school’s capacity

  • Provide opportunities for students with special educational needs to develop their talents and potential within the school’s capacity

  • Provide sufficient and up-to-date teaching and learning materials

  • Ensure sufficient training of teachers in special education (MOE, SED, 2017)

SEN Identification Practices:

The admissions arrangement for students with SEN falls within the usual admissions procedures for all students to the school. Working collectively, class and subject teachers, support staff and guardians share the responsibility to identify the learning challenges in students and take appropriate measures to support those students where the school is able to.

At-Tamimi’s Consent:

With the consensus understanding of the parent and the school leadership management the student will either be accommodated in the school else external support from the specialist will be given to the student.


If the school has deemed itself to be unable to meet the physical and/or support requirements (support staff/financial) of an applicant, the school will not be able to admit the applicant.


If a student should be found eligible for support services and has been granted admission to the school, an individual education programme (IEP) will be developed and accommodations and inclusive arrangements will be made accordingly.

SEN Timetable:
  • Sensory Gross Motor Skills:- Hand-eye coordination activity such as threading, sewing etc.

  • Vocational Skills:- Role playing such as cashier, waiter, waitress etc.

  • Play Therapy:- Expressing through building or designing something out-off clay, play dough etc.

  • Social Communication Skills:- Learn to develop communication between 2 or more such as greetings.


Address : No. 1, Jalan SS 15/8, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Email : communications@attamimi.edu.my


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At-Tamimi promotes the inclusion of Special Education Needs Students in our admission arrangements And in all aspects of school life


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