School Inclusive:

At At-Tamimi International School, children are mixed by varieties of background. The teachers are exposed to this positively. The teachers and SEN Department work closely together.


Below are based on At-Tamimi’s SEN policies;

At-Tamimi International School also values objectives as stated by the Special Education Division within the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, with a goal to:

  • Provide educational opportunities and facilities for students with special educational needs within the school’s capacity

  • Provide relevant education to every student with special educational needs within the school’s capacity

  • Provide opportunities for students with special educational needs to develop their talents and potential within the school’s capacity

  • Provide sufficient and up-to-date teaching and learning materials

  • Ensure sufficient training of teachers in special education (MOE, SED, 2017)

SEN Timetable:
  • Sensory Gross Motor Skills:- Hand-eye coordination activity such as threading, sewing etc.

  • Vocational Skills:- Role playing such as cashier, waiter, waitress etc.

  • Play Therapy:- Expressing through building or designing something out-off clay, play dough etc.

  • Social Communication Skills:- Learn to develop communication between 2 or more such as greetings.


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