Admission will be based on the result of a combination of the English & Math Assessment and Interview.

Then we need previous school reports (School Leaving Certificate would be required as well). Once we receive these documents, your child will be required to come in for an assessment. This varies from age to age


Please complete the attached application form below, reattach it in an e-mail, and then send it to the email address mentioned below:


Daycare & Kindergarten:

If your child is starting with us in Play School, Preschool or Kindergarten, please bring your child for an informal play session with the other children. All children must be toilet trained and out of nappies before joining school.

  • Students at the age of 4 and above will be able to join in

  • Students are required to bring their own breakfast and lunch box​

  • Students should be toilet trained 

  • Students are required to speak in English

  • Certificate/Letter of recommendation from the previous school is required

  • Extra clothes and footwears (slippers) should be packed 

  • Basic stationery and school educational material is essential 

  • Students should understand the basics of (Numbers, Letters and Phonics) 

  • Hand sanitiser, Wet tissue and Mask is vital due to SOP requirements

  • Playschool/Daycare 
  • Kids at the age of one to 3 year old ​will be able to join in

  • Extra clothes and footwears should be packed 

  • Kids should be able to understand English 

  • Comforter, pillow and bed would be essential 

  • Cleanliness of the child should be maintained before entering the school

  • Hand sanitiser, Wet tissue and Mask is vital due to SOP requirements

Primary School:

If your child is starting with us in the Primary school, which is from grade 1 to 6, they will be required to take a reading, writing and Maths test.

Secondary School (IGCSE):

If your child is starting with us in the Secondary school which is from grade 7-10, they will be required to take a standard assessment.

SEN –Special Educational Needs

Every child is special at At-Tamimi International School and we ensure the quality of education being imparted with the holistic approach for inclusive education.

  1. Counselling & interaction of the child with the special educator in school is mandatory for the admission.

  2. Previous medical history from the concerned special needs educator or the therapy specialists is mandatory.

Required Documents:
  • Completed Application Form

  • Copy of student's Passport or ID card (Original must be available)

  • Health Certificate

  • 6 one-inch pictures

  • Official transcript from all previous years

  • Letter of Recommendation from previous school (only for students applying to DP) mentioning the student's potential in a college preparatory high school program)


Address : No. 1, Jalan SS 15/8, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Email : communications@attamimi.edu.my


+60 3-8024 0000



At-Tamimi promotes the inclusion of Special Education Needs Students in our admission arrangements And in all aspects of school life


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